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Beauty Score 65.6 Top 14.1%
Beauty Score 65.3 Top 14.6%
Beauty Score 62.1 Top 20.1%
Beauty Score 78.4 Top 2.5%

What is Face Beauty Calculator?

On our website, we calculate facial attractiveness scores using the Face++ API. This API is highly regarded in the field of facial recognition technology, and it is recognized for its high accuracy. As a result, our service can provide reliable facial attractiveness scores to our users.

The average facial attractiveness score is set at 50. This is based on the general method of calculating standard scores, and scores above 50 are generally considered high. Specifically, a score above 60 is considered a very high facial attractiveness score. This means that the individual has facial features that are superior to those of the average person.

Furthermore, on this site, we also provide daily and monthly rankings based on users' facial attractiveness scores. This allows users to understand how their facial attractiveness score compares with other users. Rankings provide a fun way for you to understand your position, see daily changes, and compete with other users.

Our service offers not only the calculation of facial attractiveness scores, but also various ways to enjoy it from different perspectives. We invite you to use this web application to check your own facial attractiveness score!

What Level Does Your Beauty Rank At?

At our service, we evaluate the beauty of your face using a metric called "deviation value" or "standard score."

It represents how many standard deviations an observation is above or below the mean, providing an objective measure based on data from numerous users.

This helps you understand where your beauty stands in comparison to others.

  • Deviation Value of 70 and above: Extremely harmonious facial features, ranking in the top 1% of beauty.
  • Deviation Value between 60 - 69: Highly attractive, perceived as charming by many.
  • Deviation Value between 50 - 59: Average beauty with distinctive features and unique charm.
  • Deviation Value between 40 - 49: Unique beauty, perceived as particularly attractive to certain individuals.
  • Deviation Value of 39 and below: Distinctive features, with certain aspects being perceived as highly attractive.

Remember, the deviation value is just one metric. Beauty is subjective and diverse. We invite you to use our service and enjoy a fresh perspective on your beauty.